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​While community ponds are a thing of beauty, most are actually stormwater facilities and danger lies beneath the surface.

Stay off stormwater facilities. They're not safe for any use.

Once frozen over, a stormwater facility may look safe, but it's what's below the surface that makes it different from ponds.

Stay off stormwater facilities

Stormwater facilities reduce the risk of flooding.

As a part of the integrated drainage system, stormwater facilities have a job to do: reduce the risk of flooding in our neighbourhoods.

Stormwater facilities have a job to do

Keep safe. Choose a better place to recreate.

Stormwater facilities are hard to identify. Educate yourself and your family on where to find safer sites to recreate.

Know your options

Stay safe.
Stay off stormwater facilities.  

Stormwater facilities aren't safe for any type of recreation because inlet and outlet pipes keep water continuously flowing beneath the frozen top layer.

Ice thickness is unpredictable and highly dangerous

  • The ice surface varies in depth across the whole surface. While it may appear thick in some areas, other areas may have little to no ice.
  • There are generally no visible surface indications of unsafe conditions.
  • Snow often obscures holes in the inconsistent ice.
  • Water is continuously flowing beneath the surface.


​Stormwater facilities have a job to do

As a part of the integrated drainage system, stormwater facilities reduce the risk of neighbourhood flooding by managing runoff and eventually sending it to the river.

Our effect on stormwater facilities

We don't know what makes up the ice or water in a stormwater facility. It may include contaminated materials that impact ice quality and make ice thickness highly unpredictable.

​How stormwater ponds are different



Life without stormwater facilities

Here's what can happen without neighbourhood stormwater facilities:

  • Flooding in homes
  • Flooding or washouts of roadways
  • Damage to landscaping
  • Increased erosion

Pick a safe alternative

Safe recreational rinks

​Don't take a chance. Educate yourself on where to find safer sites to recreate.

View our map of safe recreational rinks to enjoy this winter.



Stormwater facilities

Identifying stormwater facilities is tricky. Keep off any pond you are unable to identify.

View our map of sites unsafe for recreational use.