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By choosing to go green with your energy, you're doing your part and taking action on climate change. You're also encouraging investment in new renewable-energy projects and upgrades to current ones.

Our green energy is sourced from 100% Canadian renewable energy projects. Because what's important to you is important to us, too. 

Green Electricity 101

Have you ever wondered where your green electricity comes from and how it works? Find out the answers to all your eco power questions including what part you play in the cycle with these green energy projects.

Encor by EPCOR Green Energy Plans

Our newest eco-offering gives you the chance to green your electricity, natural gas or both — and for a lot less than you may think. In return, you'll earn climate change champion bragging rights (try saying that fast five times fast) because you'll be shrinking your carbon footprint while investing in Canadian renewable energy projects.

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Explore Encor by EPCOR

100% Carefree. Ready to get started with Encor? Build the perfect plan for all your beautiful moments.

Build Your Plan

Jargon can be confusing. Here's the cliff notes about what we’re really saying when we’re talking floating and fixed rates.

Floating Rates vs. Fixed Rates

Learn more about some of the best energy efficiency products on the market to help you stay cool, comfortable and in control.

Start Your Smart Home


About fair competition

All customers are free to purchase natural gas services from the default supply provider or from a retailer of their choice and to purchase electricity services from the regulated rate provider or from a retailer of their choice. The delivery of natural gas and electricity to you is not affected by your choice. If you change who you purchase natural gas services or electricity services from, you will continue receiving natural gas and electricity from the distribution company in your service area. For a current list of retailers you may choose from, visit or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).