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​Encor Chirp green energy solutions

Show the planet some love with Chirp—Encor by EPCOR’s green home energy solution. You can green your power for less than 50 cents a day as part of your home energy plan. It's an easy, flexible way to help the environment.


​Go green with an Encor Chirp energy plan

You can add Chirp green energy to your electricity or natural gas plan, just like other Encor by EPCOR energy plans that fuel your home or business.  Or you can bundle your electricity and natural gas and still add Encor Chirp to support green and renewable electricity power sources. If you change your mind after signing up, you can cancel or switch anytime, penalty-free.



Sign up for Chirp green energy

Good karma has never been easier. Simply sign up for Encor Chirp green power rates and a small charge is added to your monthly energy bill. Opt for 15, 50 or 100 percent green and clean energy. Every little bit helps our planet.

Choose the green and renewable energy product that fits your budget and build your plan.

Build your green energy plan



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​Current Encor Chirp green energy rates

​Energy Plan ​Fixed power Floating power (¢/kWh)
​Non-green rate ​6.39¢/kWh ​Index price*
​Chirp 15 (2-year plan) ​6.84¢/kWh ​$0.0045 + index price + transaction fee*
​Chirp 50 (2-year plan) ​7.64¢/kWh ​$0.0125 + index price + transaction fee*
​Chirp 100 (2-year plan) ​8.39¢/kWh ​$0.0200 + index price + transaction fee*

 *Floating power is index price + 1¢/kWh transaction fee.


Green energy solutions, tips and tricks

There are small things you can do every day that add up to a big difference for our environment. Better yet, not all these solutions cost you a lot of money. In fact, they'll save you money on your energy bills.

Check out our green energy tips.


Why go green?

By choosing green energy, you're shrinking your carbon footprint and supporting renewable energy projects like solar energy, wind power and other renewable and sustainable energy sources that don’t add to greenhouse gas emissions. This helps provide Albertans with a vast and inexhaustible alternative energy supply for many years to come.p>

Conventional electricity is generated at power plants by burning coal (or other fossil fuels). Green electricity is clean, cost effective, non-polluting, sustainable power generated by renewable energy sources like wind, solar and water. These alternative energy sources help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

Our green energy is EcoLogo certified, so you can be assured your choice to go with green energy products is making a difference for the environment. You can feel good about choosing green Alberta energy.

Encor green energy projects

When you buy Chirp green electricity, you're buying Renewable Energy Certificates (for electricity) from Alberta's Taylor hydro facility, a certified Canadian renewable energy facility. The quantity you buy matches the percentage of green energy you choose for your energy plan. Learn about green energy and EPCOR’s green electricity projects.

EPCOR's green electricity projects

When you choose Encor green natural gas, you're buying ISO certified greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets from the Niagara Waste Landfill Gas Utilization Project. By supporting GHG offsets, you help lessen the impact of your own carbon footprint and help further the production of clean, renewable energy. Learn about green energy in Alberta and EPCOR’s green natural gas projects.

EPCOR's green natural gas projects

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Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).