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​Energizing Edmonton with Encor’s EV charging stations

The way Edmontonians get around is changing. And today, it's for the better.

Encor has partnered with the City of Edmonton on the Energizing Edmonton Project. Thanks to the support of Natural Resources Canada, we are installing EV charging stations in places that make sense for people on the go. Enjoy powering up with us in convenient locations, for free!

Encor's free EV chargers have arrived

​EV on the go with Encor by EPCOR's FREE charging stations

Encor has installed both level 2 and level 3 fast charging stations from Flo around the city. Find and access all of our free charging locations around Edmonton.  

  • Edmonton Conventio​n Center
    9711​ Grierson Hill NW
    Level 2 - 4 Chargers (Out of service)

  • Kinsmen Sports Center
    9100 Walterdale Hill
    Level 2 - 2 Chargers

  • Meadows Rec Centr​e
    2704 17 St NW
    Level 2 - 4 Chargers​​

  • Terwillegar Rec Center
    2051 Leger Rd NW
    Level 2 - 4 Chargers

  • Callingwood Twin Arenas
    17740 69 Ave NW
    Level 2 - 4 Chargers

  • Telus World of Science
    11211 142 St NW
    Level 3 - 1 Charger

  • Hugh J Bolton North Service Center
    12116 107 St NW
    Level 2 - 4 Chargers
  • EXPO Center
    7515 118 Ave NW
    Level 2 Mobile - 2 Chargers
  • Blatchford
    ​63 Airport Road NW​
    Level 3 - 1 Charger

​How to use a free FLO charging station

Using Encor's FLO Charging Stations is free and easy. Follow these easy steps to power up and head on out.

Activate your FLO membership

Simply download the FLO mobile app or register for an account at to start connecting with thousands of EV chargers across Canada.


Charge your vehicle 

  • Park your EV at the charging station.

  • Open the station door, pull out the connector and plug it into your vehicle.

  • Activate the station. Place your FLO card on the reader or select the station in the FLO mobile app.

  • Charging will start immediately.

  • Once the charge is complete, unplug the connector and place it back neatly.

  • Close the door.

  • That's it. A summary of your charging session will arrive in your email inbox.

Need help? We're here if you need us

If you're experiencing any issues with our EV Charging Stations, please call FLO-1-855-543-8356.

​Powering the environment together 

The City of Edmonton and Encor are committed to building a more sustainable city. With your help, we can make a difference and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By placing FLO Charging Stations where charging demand is the highest, we're powering a brighter future and making EV driving more convenient.


Learn more about the City of Edmonton's EV strategy. 

Check out the strategy.