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Performance Based Regulation (PBR)

We operate the water, wastewater and drainage system in Edmonton under Performance Based Regulation (PBR) which is reflected in the City of Edmonton Waterworks Bylaw. We submit a projected plan for our water, wastewater and drainage systems to City Council as a way to set our future rates, and forecast the important work we must complete to ensure we continue delivering safe drinking water and reliable drainage and wastewater services at a fair rate to Edmontonians.

Ensuring new rates are fair
and affordable

Our rates reflect the cost to provide water service to you based on your use of the water system. We work carefully to ensure new rates are fair and affordable while still addressing some operational requirements and supporting investment that will allow us to continue to provide clean, safe water and reliable service. We have consulted with Edmontonians to get their feedback on acceptable rates and investment priorities.

Our PBR applications are based on the same structure that is currently in place (for 2017 – 2021). Working with City Administration, we proposed to continue the five-year PBR period for Water (2022-2026), while adding a three-year period (2022-2024) for both Drainage and Wastewater Treatment (Gold Bar and the Clover Bar Bio-solids Recycling Facility) to disperse the effort to develop and review these documents across different time spans in the future.

On August 30, 2021, our Performance Based Rate Applications were approved by Edmonton City Council. This included:

  • A five-year application for water
  • A three-year application for wastewater treatment; and 
  • A three-year application for drainage

The rate changes as outlined in the 2021 Water, Wastewater and Drainage applications and as updated in the review process will come into effect April 1, 2022.

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