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Commitment, momentum, results

At EPCOR, our focus is on ensuring the sustainability of our operations and the communities we serve across North America. Our sustainability journey continues to evolve, as we listen, learn and as the world around us changes. Our reporting shares where we are at in the journey — under the themes Next Level Performance, Progress and Foundation.

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Nex​t level performance

We are focused on taking our b​usiness, beliefs and practices to the next level. Our expectation is to continually improve as we operate in a way that’s sustainable for communities today and in the future.

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Net zero​​
By 2050​

Thanks to our renewable energy projects, we’re on track to meet a ​​​50% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025, 85% by 2035, and net zero by 2050.

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Board gender diversity​

At Dec. 31, 2023, 5 out of our 11 board members, including our chair, are women — almost double the average for TSX-listed companies.

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Sustainability feature: Doing the right thing, right

Our world is c​​hanging fast, and we’re committed to adapting our Sustainability strategy to keep pace. Learn how EPCOR leadership updates our approach every three years to ensure we meet the needs of our diverse stakeholders.

Our commitment to sustainability ​


Our actions and commitments, and the path we choose going forward define who we are. We are making strides in key areas as we pave the way to a sustainable future.

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Reasonable costs​

We place a high priority on affordability for customers. Our operating cost-per-customer increase was just 1.6% per year from 2021-2023 — 3.4% below the average annual North American consumer price increase for the same period.

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Wastewater reuse

We invest in innovations that make efficient use of water. In the U.S., that means treating wastewater to an A+ standard for reuse in irrigation, agriculture and to recharge aquifers.

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Flood protection

By 2023, we had completed 20% of our work to protect our utility assets from major flooding in Edmonton’s river valley. Work is on track to be completed by the end of 2027.

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Sustainability feature: Meeting demand in a desert

Rick Alvarez and his Team EPCOR colleagues bring experience and innovation to one of the most water-scarce regions of the U.S.

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We provide power, water and natural gas safely and reliably, and in a way that is mindful of our responsibilities to our people, the public and the planet. By continuing to build this foundation, we stay true to our mission.

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Safety-first culture

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public. In 2023, we posted 0.97 injuries for every 100 full-time workers — matching our record-breaking performance set in 2022.​

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35 mins
Avg. customer outage duration

In a world of increasingly unpredictable weather, we take steps at every turn to ensure our system remains safe and reliable, reducing the risk of outages. In 2023, the average customer across all our operations experienced 35 minutes of outages.

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Economic value

We invest across multiple geographies — as an employer, supplier, capital provider and through contributions like our community investments.​

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Sustainability feature: Making a splash

Water conservation is a serious topic in the dry U.S. Southwest. In New Mexico, we made it fun and exciting at our Clovis Water Carnival.

How we made water conservation fun

​Latest Sustainability news

A Texas-sized project

EPCOR is set to provide water services to one of the largest foreign investments in U.S. history.

Vital conversations

Employees are inspiring conversations about mental health in the workplace — to break the stigma. 

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Giving​ back, getting back

Our Corporate Mentori​ng Program is making a difference in the lives of youth — and their mentor matches.​ 

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Previous sustainability reports

Our ESG measures are derived from reviews of our company's performance and reporting standards. They reflect feedback from stakeholders representing a broad range of interests and experiences.

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