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​Our c​ommitment to health and safety

Our commitment to health and safety starts in the workplace and extends into the community. We aim to be a company where safety matters most, so that we can continue to provide safe and reliable essential services to our customers and preserve the environment.

We continue to make progress toward creating a safety-first culture, driving to zero incidents. And we report on work to implement our lead mitigation program — designed to protect water quality from the street to the tap.


Lead mitigation strategy

Edmontonians are lucky in that they rarely need to think about the safety of their drinking water. EPCOR is ensuring water safety through initiatives such as the lead mitigation strategy. In addition to educating the community about lead plumbing in their homes, we take preventative measures to keep lead from leaching into the water.

Explore our lead mitigation strategy​​

Feat​​ured story

Our health and safety values extend to every aspect of our business, from our employees and the services we provide to our customers and communities.


A look inside: EPCOR's safety culture

EPCOR believes in safety. From their first day at work, employees recognize that safety is a core part of everything EPCOR does. We put a lot of emphasis on creating a safe place to work—physically and mentally. We demonstrate that commitment by ensuring safety has a place at the highest levels of our organization.

Experience our safety culture

Promoting health and safety is one way we're building stronger communities

We're committed to helping our communities by protecting the environment and promoting social responsibility. We do that by conducting our business responsibly, with openness and transparency. We're pleased to share our ESG report to showcase our performance in areas that are important to us—our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve.

See our ESG report