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Billing resolutions

We'll always work with you to find resolution in the case of a billing dispute. And if we're wrong, we'll fix it.

Typically, we disconnect an account for non-payment 60 days after the account is past due and the customer hasn't honoured our payment arrangement. If you're having difficulty paying on time, please contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you to find alternate payment schedules. We're also happy to direct you toward social agency assistance upon request.

If you haven't paid your bills

Because it's important that every ratepayer pay for the services they've used, we have to take action when someone isn't paying their bill. We only cut off power or water service when we've exhausted all other attempts at resolution and we've given advanced warning by phone or written notice.

Before that:

  • You'll receive a minimum of three warnings with options for payment arrangements before services are disconnected.
  • Collection activity begins with a call to you within four days of your next bill.
  • If a payment isn't made, you'll receive either a call or a letter requesting payment.
  • If we still don't hear from you, we'll call again or send you a letter by express post.

Winter Rules

The Alberta's Electricity Utilities Act Distribution Tariff Amendment Regulation prohibits any utility from shutting off power between October 15 and April 15 each winter (known as Winter Rules), but allows utilities to apply a limiter. A limiter does exactly what its name says: it limits how much power you can use. 

You'll have enough power to run heat, a few lights and a major appliance such as a fridge. But beyond that, once other electrical appliances are turned on, and use of power exceeds the limit, the limiter shuts off your service. You can reset the limiter and, as long as you stay within the limit, you'll have heat.

When media or social media are involved

Among other restrictions, Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act states we can't give your account information to media (or anyone else), unless you sign a privacy waiver.

In cases where we don't have a waiver, we can't provide information about your situation. That's why we may not publicly respond to your Tweet or social media post. Instead, we work to ensure you're able to get in direct contact with us.

There are often two sides to a story, and unless you agree to sign a privacy waiver, we won't provide your confidential information, regardless of the issue or media attention.

We respect your privacy

We adhere strictly to EPCOR's Privacy Policy, which follows the provincial Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Your account with EPCOR contains private information about you, including your address, phone number, current balance and payment details. Obviously, this kind of information isn't something that should be shared with the public. We understand that; after all, we're utility customers just like you. We do not share our account information with any third-party, unless required by law.