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​​​​Our mission and vision

​Our mission is to provide clean water and safe, reliable energy.

Our vision is to be a premier essential services company that attracts and retains the best employees, is trusted by our customers, and is valued by our stakeholders.

Our values​

  • We put safety first in everything we do.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We work as a team.
  • We are trusted by our customers.
  • We create shareholder value.
  • We are environmental leaders.​

Our priorities

We implement our vision and mission through a long-term plan that focuses on fo​​ur strategic priorities:

  • People: attracting and retaining high-quality employees, supporting our workforce in growing and becoming future leaders, and nurturing a strong culture of engagement. 
  • Growth: sustaining capital and organic growth in our existing service areas, and business development and acquisitions. 
  • Operational excellence: continually improving health, safety and environment performance, and seeking efficiencies through scale, business unit synergies and technology.
  • Communities: being trusted by our customers and stakeholders, engaging in collaborative and transparent planning, and meeting our commitments to the community.​​

​​​Our p​​urpose

Our mission and vision guide our operations. In 2020, we also launched a purpose statement: “Communities count on us. We count on each other.” EPCOR employees developed the purpose statement to express what motivates them, every day, to serve customers, communities and one another.​​​​​