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​We provide a range of services to customers in Edmonton and across Alberta. In Edmonton, we're your energy retailer (both regulated and competitive) and wire service provider. For the rest of Alberta, we provide competitive retailer services through EPCOR Energy Plans.


As an energy retailer, we buy electricity on the open market on your behalf and calculate your bill based on your meter reading. All Albertans have the option of going on a contract or staying on the regulated rate option.

Wire service

We're also a distribution and transmission company. That means we deliver electricity to Edmonton customers, regardless of which retailer you buy your electricity from. We build, maintain and upgrade the distribution system and respond to any unexpected power outages.

As your wire service provider, we:

  • Deliver electricity.
  • Build and maintain the electricity network.
  • Respond to power emergencies such as outages or fallen lines.
  • Install, maintain, and read the power meter at your home or business.
  • Calculate the charges associated with the above services.

Customer service

Our Edmonton-based Customer Care Representatives are here to help you. If you receive a bill from EPCOR, contact us for assistance with:

  • Starting, moving or ending your service.
  • Understanding your bill.
  • Learning about your power and water consumption habits and suggestions for ways to reduce your consumption.
  • Payment options (including information on payments you've made).
  • Various options to receive and pay your EPCOR bill.