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EPCOR and ​​
Rio Verde Foothills



Application for​ standpipe service

Application and documents


Fre​quently asked questions


​E​PCOR and Rio Ver​de Foo​thills

​Short-term water solution in place​

Residents in the unincorporated Rio Verde Foothills community have long relied on water delivered by private water haulers from a municipal source, a source that was unavailable to them after December 31, 2022.

While EPCOR is not responsible for providing water servic​e to this area, we have been asked to propose a solution that would provide safe and reliable water over the longer term. EPCOR’s proposal to do that through a water station accessible to private and state-licensed water hauling providers and local residents who have established accounts with EPCOR is currently under review by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Application for standpipe service​

EPCOR filed an application for approval to provide limited service for the Rio Verde Foothills on October 13, 2022. In addition to outlining how service might be provided through a newly constructed standpipe, also known as a water hauling station, the application outlines the amount of time needed to build the necessary infrastructure and secure the water needed to serve this unincorporated community. 

As a regulated utility, EPCOR must seek and receive approval from the Arizona Corporation Commission before it can provide any service to Rio Verde Foothills. The (ACC) held a public hearing on the application in April 2023 and a decision is pending.

​F​requently asked questions​​

What is a water station/standpipe?

A water station is a convenient location where water trucks can purchase potable water that meets all Federal and state drinking water standards. Payments are made through an automated kiosk. Trucks enter the facility and fill up at a dispensing station similar in size and function to a vehicle-filling station. ​​

Where is the water coming from?

Water is a precious resource and as drought conditions continue in Arizona and the greater Southwest, communities and utilities are increasingly looking to conservation and careful management and preservation of water resources. Water for the Rio Verde Foothills community would be provided through EPCOR’s portfolio of long-term storage credits, exchanging those credits for water that could then be delivered to Rio Verde Foothills through the standpipe.

Why can’t water haulers get water from EPCOR’s Fountain Hills district?

EPCOR’s Operations and Engineering team has already conducted a preliminary feasibility analysis for a water standpipe that would be constructed in Fountain Hills to provide water that could be hauled to Rio Verde Foothills. Our analysis concluded that the proximity of the Fountain Hills Middle School and an adjacent daycare facility to the only road between Fountain Hills and Rio Verde Foothills, which would be the road that any water hauler would have to take, posed too great a human safety risk to justify further consideration.​

Is Rio Verde Foothills taking water from other EPCOR customers?

No, our first responsibility is to our existing customers and ensuring that safe and reliable water is available to them today and well into the future. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and continuously study and plan for water resource supplies. The water for Rio Verde Foothills would come from Long Term Storage Credits that EPCOR has accumulated from years of storing and recharging unused water supplies.  

How long will it take to build the water station?

Pending the required approvals from the Arizona Corporation Commission, Maricopa County and any permitting agencies, design and construction is anticipated to take from 24 to 36 months from the time of approval.

How much will it cost to build the water station?
Based on current market costs, it will cost at least $5 to $6 million.​
How much will the water cost?
EPCOR’s rates for service are reviewed and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The application requests a rate of $20 per 1,000 gallons, subject to true up once the water station is built and fully operational.
What's next?
​As a regulated utility, EPCOR’s proposal to provide water to Rio Verde Foothills is subject to review and approval by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). You can view a copy of the application on the ACC’s website​ by searching for Docket # W-01303A-22-0264 using the eDocket search function. The ACC will hold a hearing on the application beginning January 23 at 10 a.m.​​
I have a well. Will I be able to get service from EPCOR?
If the ACC approves EPCOR’s application to provide water-hauling service to the Rio Verde Foothills area, any eligible homeowner​, including those with private wells, will be able to establish an account for service with EPCOR. Until then, EPCOR cannot create accounts for residents in Rio Verde Foothills.​