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​EPCOR Technologies

Engineering, construction and maintenance solutions for utility infrastructure

EPCOR Technologies is an integrated engineering, construction and maintenance firm. We have a rich history of delivering complex residential and commercial infrastructure projects for community, industrial, municipal and provincial government partners in Alberta.


Utility infrastructure built to your needs

EPCOR Technologies is a one-stop-shop that can design, build and maintain solutions that meet your needs. As a utility infrastructure management company we can streamline the entire process and find efficiencies along the way, saving you time, money, and headaches. Technology and infrastructure are our primary focus. We provide solutions to communities, industrial and utility partners through our integrated service offerings.


Fiber optic solutions

Providing comprehensive communications and telecommunications infrastructure support through our complete fiber optic cabling solutions. Our range of solutions spans from conduit installation to cable installation. We deliver underground or overhead installation solutions that can meet your data and IT systems management needs, including dark fiber leasing.

Fiber Optic Solutions

Light rail transit (LRT) and rail utilities

EPCOR Technologies has been involved with Edmonton LRT construction since the City of Edmonton introduced its first line in the 1970s. We support the development, operation and maintenance of LRT and rail utilities including signals, catenary, LRT stations and substations. Learn more about our railway services in Alberta.

Light Rail Transit
& Rail Utilities

Power distribution infrastructure

We have a long history of building and maintaining distribution systems that keep power flowing to communities and businesses. This includes power distribution systems, electrical distribution substations, high voltage transmission lines and underground residential development (URD). We deliver quality solutions because we understand the needs and challenges of our public sector, utility and industry clients.

Power Distribution

Intelligent transportation systems and traffic signals

Traffic signals and control systems are part of your transport system infrastructure that includes smart signal technologies. EPCOR Technologies can provide the traffic/ITS information technology and smart signal asset management needed for your intelligent transport systems.

transportation systems

Street lighting and specialized lighting solutions

EPCOR Technologies provides community and municipal support to light numerous kinds of streets and community spaces. We offer roadway lighting solutions for rural and urban arterials, interchanges, freeways and streetscapes. We also have solutions for industrial and specialty lighting needs.

Street and Specialty
Lighting Solutions

Past and present projects

As a leading utility infrastructure development company in Alberta we have demonstrated our expertise on a wide range of projects. View some of our past and present projects and case study examples of some of the in-progess and completed projects EPCOR Technologies has been involved in.

Past and Present


Why Choose EPCOR Technologies?


  Integrated service offerings

Our in-house engineering, procurement and construction teams work hand-in-hand to design and deliver innovative solutions. Turnkey or multi-service projects allow us to find time and cost savings at various stages of a project. This minimizes our customer's risk and allows us to execute more efficiently.


  Technological integration

New technologies are revolutionizing infrastructure delivery. We strive to be the best at supporting customers in capitalizing on these benefits across all of our services. We don't manufacture any of the utility or infrastructure components ourselves. As such we don't have a bias when it comes to recommending the best technology solution for your project.


  Safe, dependable, quality workmanship

We strive to ensure every project we undertake is aligned with leading standards for safety, quality and environmental responsibility. Our ISO 14001 environmental certification and rigorous safety and quality programs offer consistency and dependability.


Contact us

Interested in working with us or want to learn more about our services? We encourage you to call, email or fill out our online form if you have questions.

EPCOR Technologies
Phone: (780) 412-7922