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Utility ​infrastructure partnerships

Solutions for water, wastewater, natural gas and electricity

At EPCOR, we understand your energy, wastewater and water resource management challenges. We provide tailored utility infrastructure development solutions to help our partners tackle those challenges.

EPCOR is a leading North American developer, financier and utility infrastructure management company. We deliver complete and integrated water and energy solutions that leverage our expertise in operating, financing and managing utility infrastructure facilities for industry and municipalities.

With over 125 years of experience, we currently own and/or operate more than 50 of these facilities. We deliver water and wastewater services to more than a million people in over 75 communities and industrial sites in Canada. In the United States, we also own and operate water, wastewater and natural gas operations in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. 

Learn more about the evolution of EPCOR from a water and light utility company into the successful utility infrastructure management and development company it is today.


Water and wastewater solutions

We understand water and wastewater treatment, distribution, collection and stormwater challenges. As an infrastructure development partner we work with industry and municipalities to find integrated solutions to water and wastewater management. Learn how EPCOR can help you deliver water management services.

Water, Wastewater and
Stormwater Management

Natural gas solutions

In addition to experience as a natural gas distributor, we have developed greenfield natural gas projects and acquired several existing operations. We work with both industry and municipalities to develop green, renewable natural gas. Learn more about our natural gas acquisition, distribution expansion solutions and what EPCOR can do for you.

Natural Gas Distribution
and Infrastructure

Electricity solutions

As a trusted provider of electricity distribution and transmission services, we work with municipalities to develop and deliver needed utility infrastructure to their communities. We work with you from project finance through to infrastructure management services. Discover how EPCOR can help you with electricity transmission and distribution solutions.

Power Distribution
and Transmission


How we deliver for our partners

As an infrastructure solutions partner, we work with industry, municipalities and communities to design, build, finance and operate infrastructure solutions. Through alternative service delivery of projects, or acquisitions of existing infrastructure, we help our partners deliver cost effective services to their communities.

We have a strong track record in private-public partnerships, project investment, developing tailored solutions for capital investment and life cycle turnkey project solutions.

Learn about our project delivery methods




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​Public-private partnerships (P3s)

Provinces and communities are forging partnerships with expert providers who can design, build and operate utility infrastructure for water, wastewater, electricity and natural gas.

These public-private partnerships are delivering results. They have allowed communities to keep local public ownership and regulation of infrastructure, while at the same time providing access to expert external managers and the latest innovations in design, construction and technology. They have also lowered costs and improved service for customers.

In infrastructure projects like water or wastewater treatment plants, a typical P3 model involves the private sector leading the design, construction and operation of the system over a long-term contract for pre-determined annual payments. Contracts are typically 10-20 years. The private sector partner may also finance the project, but the project often remains under public ownership.

Benefits of a public-private partnership

For a community, the primary benefit of a P3 is a guaranteed price, for a guaranteed service level, over a set period of time. Some situations where P3s are a good fit for municipalities include:

  • A need to expand infrastructure
  • New or emerging regulatory standards
  • When debt limits have been reached
  • Where funds are required in other core service areas
  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Inability to fund initial studies
  • Projects needing completion on short timelines

EPCOR has experience with successful public-private partnerships. Contact us to discuss this option.


Evolution of our infrastructure development company

EPCOR began as a water and light utility company and has become a successful utility infrastructure management and development company that partners with municipalities and industries throughout North America. Contact us to discuss your infrastructure development needs.


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