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It's one of our most precious resources — we rely on it for every shower, every pot of pasta and every thirst-quenching drink. It's also extremely affordable. Water is an essential part of life, and bringing safe, high-quality water to you every day takes teams of experts who maintain the systems, test and purify the water, and keep it flowing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our nation's eyes are on water, particularly in the Southwest where leaders are making decisions about managing the water supply and mitigating drought. At EPCOR, our team is committed to not only delivering high-quality water to tens of thousands of families — just like yours — every day, we're also investing in the future to make sure the water keeps flowing for decades to come.

Managing your water system is about more than pipes, valves and hydrants. It's also about smart management, wise investment, and careful planning to make sure communities and businesses have access to the clean, responsibly managed water they expect.

Take a few moments to learn about our vision, how we manage your water system, the amazing journey a drop of water takes to reach your home, and what you can do to protect and conserve our water supply.