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Making a difference where we Work and live.

Our focus

​We provide community-level sponsorships and in-kind donations delivered within our operating communities. Where possible, we look for alignment with our larger charitable focus or projects with major impacts in these communities.

Learn more about our criteria and the application process.


​Please review the following eligibility criteria before submitting your application.
  • It must be delivered within an EPCOR operating community.

  • Where possible, alignment is preferred with our larger charitable focus.
  • It must meet a recognized community need and make a significant contribution to community life.
  • It should deliver significant benefits and long-term significance to the community.
  • You should be able to measure and report on results.

Ineligible requests

The following organizations and/or activities are considered ineligible to receive funding.

Organizations Activities
  • Advocacy or lobbying organizations.
  • Fraternal organizations or commercial third-party fundraising organizations.
  • Community / Family Foundations, Trusts or Funds.
  • Capital campaigns / building infrastructure, and general operating costs.
  • Support for fundraising or participatory-type events such as golf tournaments, benefits, dinners etc.
  • Utility rebates.
  • Advertising or promotional initiatives.
  • Individual / team applicants or individual / team pursuits.
  • Contingency or deficit funds.
  • Research or conferences.
  • Sports programs or tournaments.
  • Illness-related causes.
  • Political or religious causes.
  • Endowments or matching grants.
  • Programs delivered outside EPCOR's operating communities.

  • Retroactive funding for program expenses incurred prior to EPCOR's funding decision.



The deadline to apply for 2019 sponsorship or in-kind contribution has now passed, and access to our current application form is now closed.

We're transitioning to a new application platform. Please check back in January 2020 when our new application form will be ready.

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