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Giving kids the chance to succeed.

The programs we support provide education essentials to young minds today to inspire an employment path towards a poverty-free tomorrow.

Our charitable donation program focuses on engaging in partnerships with local charities that set socially-vulnerable young people up for success along their educational journey in three key areas: K-Gr. 3, high school transition, and post-secondary pursuits. We seek partnerships in the range of $30,000-$50,000 per year.

Our 3 focus areas

We focus our support on three critical points along the path from grade school to graduation that can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity.


Learning readiness and achieving a Grade 3 literacy level by Grade 3.


Staying in school and moving towards high school completion.


High school completion, pursuit of post-secondary education and/or other career-related pursuits.


Our support model

We go beyond just cutting a cheque. We fully engage our employees, facilities and other resources unique to EPCOR to help make an even bigger impact on changing young lives. In addition to funding, each partnership includes employee volunteering and opportunities to engage with different aspects of our business.


​ Eligible requests 

The organization requesting funding should: The initiative should: Use of funds:
  • Be a federally-registered charitable organization (for at least 1 year).
  • Request support for a specific initiative.
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully execute the initiative.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide measurable outcomes of the initiative's success that align with our education focus.

  • Directly support our education focus.

  • Take a root cause, sustainable approach.
  • Support a socially-vulnerable demographic.
  • Be delivered within an EPCOR operating community.

  • Provide opportunities to engage EPCOR employees (e.g. volunteerism).
  • Provide opportunities to expose children or youth to different types of careers or employment knowledge (e.g. interview skills, resume writing).
  • Funds must be applied only toward the approved initiative.
  • Funds must be applied within one year of being granted.
  • A report must be received prior to re-applying for a previously-funded program.
  • If re-applying for a previously-funded program, the application must be submitted no earlier than one year from the time the original funding was received.

Ineligible requests

The following organizations and/or activities aren't eligible to receive funding.

Organizations Activities
  • Organizations that are not federally-registered or have not been registered for at least 1 year.*
  • For-profit businesses.*
  • Advocacy or lobbying organizations.
  • Fraternal organizations or commercial third-party fundraising organizations.
  • Community/Family Foundations, Trusts or Funds.*

    *May participate as part of a collaborative initiative; however the funding application must be submitted by an organization that meets all eligibility requirements.
  • Capital campaigns building infrastructure, and general operating costs.
  • Events, including charity dinners, conferences and tournaments.
  • Utility rebates.
  • Advertising or promotional initiatives.
  • Individual/team applicants or individual/team pursuits.
  • Contingency or deficit funds.
  • Research.
  • Sports programs or tournaments.
  • Health-related causes or conditions.
  • Political or religious causes.
  • Endowments or matching grants.
  • Programs delivered outside EPCOR's operating communities.

  • Retroactive funding for program expenses incurred prior to EPCOR's funding decision.
  • In-kind donations.
  • Scholarships or bursaries.


​Apply for a charitable donation

The deadline to apply for 2019 charitable donation has now passed, and access to our current application form is now closed.

We're transitioning to a new application platform. Please check back in January 2020 when our new application form will be ready.

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