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​​​We're striving to achieve top decile employee engagement levels. We're working to create a workforce that is reflective of the diversity in the  communities we serve, and a workplace that respects, values and leverages different opinions, beliefs, lifestyles and experiences.

An engaged wor​​kforce

Our people are fun​​damental to our success, and we want to make sure EPCOR remains a great place to work. Over the past six years, employees provided feedback through a biennial employee engagement survey ​facilitated by an external provider. The most recent survey was conducted in October 2020.

Once surveys are complete, aggregated results are provided to our leadership. With that information, company leaders identify what we're doing well and where we can make improvements. Results are then shared with employees, and teams work to build and implement engagement action plans. 

The 2020 engagement surve​y

More than 2,700 employees participated in the fall 2020 survey — 82% of the employee population. The participation rate is well above the benchmark for similar surveys and provides robust feedback that helps us know what's important to employees and where there's room for improvement.

For EPCOR overall, the engagement score was 77%. That result is on par with 2018 and was a welcome outcome during a challenging year. The result put our engagement levels in the top-quartile of peer companies. In the 2020 survey, median performance was 70%, top quartile performance was 75% o​r better, and top decile performance was 82% or better.

The survey also revealed a great deal of favourabl​e sentiment about our COVID-19 response, and the measures taken to keep employees safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.


​EPCOR's Diversity Counci​l

We're committed to creating a respectful, supportive and inclusive workplace that recognizes and values the unique perspectives, experiences and backgrounds of all people.  

The EPCOR Diversity & Inclusion Council, formed in 2018, is a cross-company working group of committed and passionate employees across various business units, under the guidance of an executive sponsor. 

Working together, the council is driving the implementation of EPCOR’s Diversity Framework. The Framework seeks to create a workforce that is reflective of the diversity in the communities EPCOR serves, and a workplace that respects, values and leverages different opinions, beliefs, lifestyles and experiences. ​

​The work is supported at all levels of leadership and across the company through the Inclusion Champion network — a connected, caring community of employees who are passionate abo​ut diversity and inclusion. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) focus on ensuring our employees feel valued, engaged and enabled to professionally and personally succeed and support us in being recognized as a leader in the areas of diversity and inclusion. Between the Diversity & Inclusion Council, our ERGs, and network of Inclusion Champions, EPCOR estimates that well over 1,000 employees are helping support our diversity and inclusion efforts.​

Herstory wins Employee Resource Group of the Ye​​ar

Herstory started in 2015 with a 50 all-female lunch time networking event and has since grown in popularity. The first ERG established at EPCOR, its events now include hundreds of employees in-person and online, drawn from across EPCOR communities.

In 2020, the Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion named Herstory the Employee Resource Group of the Year (Western Canada). The award highlighted Herstory’s "Hidden Figures" event, which brought visibility to inspiring people who work behind the scenes, who have overcome challenges to lead, and are a big part of our success. In addition to the EPCOR team presenters, external community members also shared their stories that encouraged and motivated further dialogue.​​

​The intent of Herstory is to drive change within EPCOR by stimulating constructive conversations within the organization. These conversations focus on ensuring women feel included, empowered and supported, as well as armed with the information and tools needed to make decisions about their individual, professional and personal growth.

Investing in our people is one way we're building stronger communities

We're committed to helping our communities by protecting the environment and promoting social responsibility. We do that by conducting our business responsibly, with openness and transparency. We're pleased to share our ESG report to showcase our performance in areas that are important to us—our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve.

See our ESG report