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​​Flood prevention maintenance and programs


Maintenance that protects your home from flooding

There are several things you can do to help maintain your home and help keep water away, such as cleaning your eavestroughs, checking your sump pump, and maintaining window wells.

Homeowner Maintenance

Book a free flood prevention inspection

We are here to help you protect your home. Learn about EPCOR’s flood prevention programs in Edmonton, our backwater valve subsidy and book a home inspection.​

Flood Prevention Programs​​


Learn how to protect your basement from flooding

Help guard against basement flooding. Here are tips on steps you can take to protect your basement and minimize flood damage.

Protect Your Basement

Road and underpass flooding

Sudden heavy storms can overwhelm Edmonton’s drainage system and cause an underpass to flood within minutes. Stay safe and never drive through a flooded area.

Flooded Underpass Safety

Protect your property from a flood event

Sudden storms can cause flooding and significant damage to your home or business. Learn how to protect your property and minimize damage during or after a storm.

During and After Flooding

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