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​When water and electricity bills go unpaid, it affects our entire customer base. To avoid this, we may require a deposit.

How we calculate deposits

The deposit amount depends on the type of service (for example, residential or commercial) and the expected usage at the location. The maximum required deposit for regulated services is 30% of the estimated annual bill.

Getting your deposit back

We hold security deposits for a minimum of 12 months.

You must pay your bill in full, by the due date, for at least 12 consecutive months. This includes paying the deposit amount by the due date.

The 12-month period starts on the deposit's due date, not the day service starts. Any delay in paying the deposit or the account balance in full by the due date will always delay your deposit refund and change the refund date.

Don't know when your bill is due? Use our interactive online bill to learn where to find the due date.

Ways to reduce or waive your deposit

Residential customers

We may waive the security deposit if you have a satisfactory credit rating (determined by an outside credit check), or if you have a good payment history with us.

We may also be able to reduce residential deposits if you sign up for Automatic Withdrawal.

Commercial customers

A deposit is mandatory for commercial customers requiring an external credit check. In lieu of a deposit, commercial customers may provide an irrevocable letter of guarantee from a financial institution or a bond from an insurance company.