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​Electricity Grid Modernization

Emerging technologies and changing lifestyles are opening up more options for us to use more electricity, more efficiently, and in different ways. 

EPCOR's commitment is to ensure our electrical grid evolves at the same pace as our customers’ needs. 

Enabling your choices by evolving the grid

Through our modernization plan, we’re preparing the grid to support your choices of new technologies and green solutions while ensuring we continue to provide you with safe and reliable electricity service:

  • Conducting research to plan for increases in electric vehicle (EV) use.
  • Continuing to invest in smart grid technology.
  • Investing in infrastructure upgrades as needed.
  • Participating in initiatives to support customers who choose to buy electric vehicles and install new technologies.​

Exploring innovative solutions with partners

EPCOR is one of the partners in a pilot being led by the Landmark Group of Companies to develop a Virtual Power Plant​ (VPP) in the Blatchford neighbourhood. This pilot offers exciting potential to contribute to the evolution of the electricity grid in Edmonton.

VPPs can benefit customers, grid operators and the environment by providing electricity when demand is high and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. ​

Supporting you in generating your own electricity ​​

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are small-scale energy resources such as rooftop solar panels and onsite battery storage. DERs can offer you an opportunity to produce your own electricity at your home or business. 

As your electricity distributor, we can assist you in connecting your new DER installation to the grid. Learn more: ​


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