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In the near future, we will use more electricity, more efficiently, and in different ways. The EPCOR of tomorrow will not just provide our customers with electricity – we will operate an energy platform, supporting electric vehicles, small scale solar power generation, energy storage and micro-grids.

"New technologies emerge every day. EPCOR embraces these advancements and looks to safely and reliably integrate new and green technologies into our electricity system," says Ian MacNeill, EPCOR's Director of Customer Operations.   

The impact of distributed energy resources

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are energy-producing resources that include electrical vehiclessolar panels and energy storage. DERs can change the way we interact with our electricity grid. As your energy provider, we need to be ready to safely and reliably incorporate these new green technologies into our electricity system.

From 2015 to 2018, we partnered with the University of Alberta to complete one of the largest studies of its kind on how these solutions will impact our grid.

The key findings of this study were:​​

These technologies will mostly impact our grid by reducing power line and transformer overloading.

Our grid is well-positioned to incorporate these systems.

Electrical vehicle charging will be the most challenging aspect to incorporate.

How we're preparing for this impact

Advancements in grid modernization are occurring fast, with new technologies emerging every day. We're embracing these advancements and pursuing ways to safely and reliably integrate new and green technologies into our electricity system.

One of the ways we do this is with the guidance of a special team who carefully examine new technologies and trends that may impact the grid. Their goal is to understand the impact of these changes and determine what we can do to prepare so our customers continue to receive safe, reliable energy.  

We also partner with researchers, government agencies, and larger, nation-wide initiatives like SmartGrid Canada to find new and innovative solutions to the challenges of a rapidly evolving grid. 

DER technology and you

Advances in electrical distribution and grid technologies are creating new opportunities for you. 


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