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Drainage contact information and resources

In Edmonton, EPCOR is your drainage service provider. We have outlined below who to contact for your drainage-related emergencies, questions or support.

Drainage emergencies and issues

Call EPCOR’s 24/7 emergency number at (780) 412-4500 to report any of the following drainage emergencies or complaints:

  • Sewer backup emergencies: If you are experiencing a sewer backup, call our emergency number. Learn more about sewer backup causes and how EPCOR can help.
  • Report flooded roads or underpasses: Contact us to report a flooded road or underpass in Edmonton. Learn more about flooded underpass safety.
  • Report broken or clogged catch basins: Call EPCOR to report a blocked catch basin, a catch basin repair or replacement. Learn more about the importance of preventing a blocked catch basin.
    Note: If large snow windrows from street cleaning are covering the catch basin or preventing the flow of water to a catch basin, call 311 or use the 311 app to request assistance from the City of Edmonton.
  • Manhole cover concerns or complaints: A broken or dislodged manhole cover is a safety concern and should be reported. Contact EPCOR’s emergency line.
  • Activity on stormwater facilities: Help keep your community safe and report activity on stormwater facilities. Call (780) 412-4500. Learn more about stormwater facilities and where they are located in Edmonton.
  • Sewer odour complaints: Call EPCOR's emergency number if you have a concern or complaint about sewer odours in your neighbourhood.



Drainage resources

  • Billing: Your EPCOR bill includes drainage fees. If you have questions about your drainage service rates or charges on your bill, you can also try checking our frequently asked questions. All other billing inquiries can be directed to EPCOR Customer Service.
  • Drainage service for new developments: Inquiries or payments about water or sewer service for new developments should go to (780) 496-5444.
  • Book a flood prevention inspection for your home: We can help you identify potential issues for flooding in your home. We offer different inspections based on your needs. Read about our flood protection programs to see which one works for your and how to schedule an appointment.
  • Drainage construction projects in your neighbourhood: We provide communities with project information via flyers, online, public information sessions, community project updates and construction notices. We also provide information on our Projects in Your Area section.
    If you have any project inquiries, you can send them to
  • Property damage claims: Learn more about our property damage claims process.



Lot grading

Proper lot grading is essential to preventing water issues. The City of Edmonton requires residential and commercial sites to meet certain criteria for lot grading. Their residential lot grading program outlines what requirements all homes must meet and the grading plan, inspection and approval process for new and infill developments. Call 311 for more information. ​