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Stormwater facility safety

Discover which community ponds are stormwater facilities, how they manage stormwater drainage to help prevent floodi​ng and why they aren’t safe for recreation.

Stormwater facilities


Catch basins and manhole covers

Clogged catch basins prevent water from moving off the road and into the d​rainage system. Manhole covers are unsafe if they become dislodged. Know what to do if you have a concern.

Catch basin and
manhole concerns


Road and underpass flooding

Sudden heavy storms can overwhelm Edmont​on’s drainage system and cause an underpass to flood within minutes. Stay safe and never drive through a flooded area.

Flooded​ Underpass Safety​​​​​

Substations, transformers, and power lines

Substations, transformers, and power lines are essential and potentially dangerous ​co​mponents of electrical infrastructure. If you see somethi​ng that looks damaged, let us know.​

Learn what concerns to report


Security and street lights​​​

Street lights and traffic signals are owned by the ​City of Edmonton. Security lights are lamps and lampposts owned and maintained by EPCOR. Know the​ d​ifference and how to request maintenance for each. ​
Learn about lights​​​​​​


Electric and m​agnetic fields (EMF)

Electric and magnetic fields, also referred to as electromagnetic fields or EMF, are found wherever electricity is generated, transmitted, or used. Learn more about EMF and how it ​affects you.
Learn about EMF​​​​

​What to do in an emerge​​ncy​

A car could hit a power line or transformer. A person could strike a line while digging in their yard. A worker operating heavy machinery could come in contact with overhead lines. Each of these scenarios are electricity emergencies. If you find yourself in one of these situations, what you do next could mean the difference between life and death.

River safety

​Recreating on the North Saskatchewan River can be fun and relaxing, but safety should be top of mind when you go out on the river. 

What to do when the river is high​

If the Province of Alberta issues an alert or warning for Edmonton regarding rising river conditions, take these steps to protect your safety and your property. 

Protect yourself when the river is high​​

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