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Water wakes you up

First thing, water gets you clean and rejuvenated. It's our job to bring water to you, so you can own your day.

We have two water treatment plants in Edmonton—Rossdale and E.L. Smith—that produce an average of 350 ML of treated water every day. From our plants, water flows to your homes and businesses through 3,900 km of water pipe that run throughout Edmonton.

Many of these pipes have been underground for many years. We're always working to replace old pipes with new ones and make repairs and improvements to our system. This work is essential to continuing to provide you with reliable water delivery, so you'll always have water when you turn on your tap or take that hot shower.

Water keeps us safe

In Edmonton, we have more than 19,000 fire hydrants that are all connected to the same network of pipes that brings water to your tap. This ensures Fire Rescue Services has reliable access to the water supply they need to help keep us and our property safe.