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Bulk water fill stations in Edmonton

EPCOR operates 5 bulk water stations in Edmonton. Our bulk water fill stations (also k​nown as truck fill stations or waterman's tap) provide potable water to customers who do not receive water service to their home or business. Types of customers that may not receive serviced water and will use our stations are:​

  • commercial water haulers
  • construction companies, and
  • acreage owners

Using a bulk water truck fill station

Our EPCOR truck fill stations provide high-quality drinking water and are open 24/7. To protect the water quality and ensure the water remains contaminant free, our Bulk Water customers will need the following to use the stations:

  • Water hauling containers with a clean connection hose/adaptor/reducer that meets your specific need.
  • Water hauling containers that are not used for other purposes other than potable water.
  • A hose with a female cam lock end to draw water from a side discharge, with a male cam lock fitting. The hose should be approximately 6ft long and 3" in diameter.​ 
  • An air gap MUST exist when top filling to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination/backflow. 
  • All hydro-vac trucks are restricted to side discharge only for filling and cannot block access to the overhead discharge.​
  • A Bulk Water Truck Fill program prepaid account.​​​

Bulk Water Truck Fill program account

Before accessing one of our bulk water stations in Edmonton, you must join our Bulk Water Truck Fill program and set up a secure, prepaid account with a PIN. All customers are on a prepaid system.

Once you have applied for the program and your online customer account is active, you will have 24/7 access to your account where you can:

  • Manage payment options and add funds to your account. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard or American Express through Moneris, an online payment processor.
  • Monitor your current balance and previous payment history.
  • Track your water usage.​​

Apply or Login to your accou​nt​​​​​

Edmo​nton truck fill station locations​​

There are 5 Edmonton locations to serve our Bulk Water customers:

  • Evergreen
    501 - 167 Ave. NW
  • West Edmonton
    13244​ - 142 St. NW
  • Poundmaker
    18815 - 107​ Ave.​​ NW
  • Kaskitayo Reservoir
    1851 - 111 St. NW
  • Davies Yard
    8729 - 58 Ave.​ NW

Bulk Water customer service

If you have questions about our Bulk Water Truck Fill Station program or our stations, our customer service representatives are available to help Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, except for holidays.

Phone: (780) 412-3003
Email: ​​

Your Bulk Water online customer account

Create an account or login to a​n existing account. If you are already a Bulk Water customer, your profile is already set up, you simply need to create a secure password.​​​
Visit your account