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Water is everything. And not just to us humans.

Ducks, fish and all kinds of wildlife rely on us to keep the North Saskatchewan River clean and safe. So do the communities downstream who get their drinking water supply from the river, just like we do. The river is also a place to enjoy and explore. Boating, wading or fishing—there are so many ways to have fun on the river.

All of the water we flush down the toilet or send down the drain eventually makes its way back to the river. Making sure this "wastewater" is clean and safe helps protect the river for those who depend on it and helps ensure we'll be able to enjoy the river for years to come.

This is where we come in. Before your wastewater heads back to the river, it makes a stop at EPCOR's Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant, where our team of operators makes sure it gets properly treated and tested so it can be safely returned to the river. It's a process that can take up to 18 hours.

It's a big job, especially when you consider that approximately 265 million litres of wastewater is treated at Gold Bar every day. That's around 100 billion litres each year—enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool more than 100 times per day!!

To make this possible and ensure we send high quality water back into the river, it takes a dedicated team, innovative practices and ongoing investment in our Gold Bar wastewater treatment operations.