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Testing services


The number one concern for anyone who works around high voltage equipment is always safety. If your workers' lives rely on the integrity of your safety equipment, our High Voltage Testing Services provide peace of mind.


All protective equipment is required by law to be tested at least once a year for compliance with manufacturer specifications and industry standards. Ensuring your safety equipment meets or exceeds the highest standards reduces the costs of lost-time incidents.


Our comprehensive High Voltage Test Facility is fully industry compliant and set up to clean, inspect and test just about any piece of safety equipment that you might need. Our test system for rubber gloves minimizes the potential for a life-threatening mistake. Cover-up equipment, live-line tools and other protective equipment are all Direct Current (DC) tested in accordance with the most stringent standards.


Our certification stamp or label shows that your equipment meets or exceeds the appropriate standards, ensuring that your workers are using properly tested and compliant equipment. On aerial devices, we inspect the liner, boom, basket, jib and the hydraulic fluid in the lines.


Our repair facilities, including a machine shop and paint booth, can accommodate most tool and equipment repairs quickly and efficiently. Full compliance testing of repaired equipment is done before that equipment is put back into service.

Because we operate a DC test facility, you can expect to pay less and get faster results. DC testing is also less damaging to equipment, so less of your equipment is destroyed during testing, allowing for proper repair of the equipment instead of replacement.


Along with our leading test facility, our highly skilled personnel have a depth of experience unmatched in the industry. They have hands-on knowledge of the power transmission business and understand the need for reliable, safe equipment better than anyone.