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Financial assistance is available

There are a number of supports available to assist customers who struggle paying their bills. If you need financial support to help you manage your bills, you can contact one or more of these agencies listed below. ​​

Financial support resources to contact:

You can also try:

  • Hospitals have social workers that may be able to assist long term patients with funding, or finding funding.
  • ​Unions have benevolent funds that can be made available to union members and their families.
  • First Nations - contact social services to inquire about assistance 

NOTE: We will require Consent to Release documents filled out before we can discuss your account with a social worker or representative from these organizations.



Contact us

Contact us for support, if you would like to make a payment or​ set up a payment plan.

Contact us​​


Understand your bill

Find the payment information you need and understand your charges and usage details.

Understand your bill



Billing support

If you are having trouble paying your bill, learn more about the steps we take and what you can do.

Billing Support