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​​​Alignment with our corporate vision a​​​nd values

Our approach to and interest in community engagement is anchored in our vision, values and strategy. Our vision speaks to being a “premier essential services company that attracts and retains the best employees, is trusted by our customers and is valued by our stakeholders.”

Our values include acting with integrity and being trusted by our customers. Building and sustaining relationships with our customers, Indigenous Peoples, the public and stakeholders is critical to achieving our goals and development plans.

Purpose of our engagement activities

We aim to engage in collaborative, transparent and respectful planning that results in permitting, building and operating critical infrastructure in a way that is aligned with the interests and priorities of the community, and that meets the needs of the broader society. By engaging with honesty, transparency and accountability, we work to create meaningful and lasting community relationships.  

Our community engagement programs are rooted in our conviction that:

  • The community must be heard and understood. We seek to learn what's important to the community and align our project designs to reflect community input.
  • While meeting the technical and regulatory requirements for a project, many aspects of a development can and should be adapted to reflect community values; participants should be able to see their input reflected in the project design.
  • Honesty, transparency and accountability are the basis for earning trust.
  • Delivering on commitments is the foundation of our social license to operate.

We work to design an engagement process that considers community preferences for how they wish to be engaged, the extent of potential impact on the community, and the extent of adaptation possible within the known technical and regulatory requirements. Our programs meet or exceed all regulatory requirements for consultation, and result in the incorporation of public input into the design of the project and consideration of alternatives. We then seek to be a good partner to the community throughout construction and the life of the facility or infrastructure. 

A high volume of our infrastructure work involves planned and emergency maintenance to sustain the reliable delivery of water, drainage and electricity services. Much of this work occurs outside the engagement spectrum, through communications.

Communications about work with significant impacts are delivered in advance to provide details about projects or construction to the community. We explain the work we're undertaking, why it's necessary, what communities can expect throughout construction, and how to contact us with questions and feedback. 

EPCOR’s community engagement program aligns with and uses techniques from the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) engagement framework and, in Edmonton, also aligns with the City of Edmonton’s public engagement framework. 

​2021 Progress U​pdate

In 2021, EPCOR engaged community members and key stakeholders in providing their perspectives as we either began or continued making progress on numerous projects across the communities we serve.

A prime example included consultation to develop shared outcomes and design principles for our water treatment plants in Edmonton. This involved a series of workshops and other engagement activities designed to help community members understand how we will operate and upgrade the plants in an environmentally and socially responsible manner that aligns with community interests. The shared outcomes will be applied to the Edmonton Water Treatment Plants Flood Protection Project​ as it progresses through 2022, with the intent to protect critical infrastructure and water supplies for many years to come.

In addition, we engaged stakeholders on development of four dry pond projects​​ in Ermineskin/Steinhauer, Kenilworth, Tweddle Place and Parkallen; connected with community members on projects such as the 50th Street transmission relocation and the installation of a new antenna at the Garneau Substation; and carried out over 25 engagement activities related to the Valley Line West LRT Utility Relocations.

​Our​ approach to commun​ity engagement

Our community engagement in action

Every community is different, as is every EPCOR initiative. We approach every initiative with the unique needs of the affected communities in mind.​​

See how we work with communities

Working with facility neighbours and communities

EPCOR wants to be a good neighbor. A big part of that is ensuring our communities know what we're doing and have an opportunity to engage with us.​

See how we connect with communities​​​

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