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​Recent engagem​​ent in​​​​itiatives

We worked with the community on several recent initiatives where we incorporated community feedback throughout project development and made clear commitments to the public and Indigenous Peoples. The level of engagement applied depended on community needs, regulatory requirements, the complexity of the project and the potential impacts.

Perfor​mance-based regulation (PBR) applications

Multi-year plans for EPCOR’s water-cycle utilities in Edmonton were informed by public and stakeholder group input. The result was a proposed recalibration of performance measures, optimization of the planned capital program, and evaluation of the proposed plans against community priorities for funding infrastructure renewal.

Corrosion and Odour Reduction (CORe) Study

The strategy and sequencing for addressing corrosion and odour issues within the Edmonton drainage network was informed by public opinion research that quantified and qualitatively described issues at a neighborhood level and evaluated views toward funding improvements.

Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant Integrated Resource Plan

A new long-term plan for the facility was created based on Shared Outcomes and Design Principles developed collaboratively by EPCOR and community members. The plan modified operational priorities based on community feedback and made a long-term written commitment to preserve river valley parkland and keep future operations within the existing fenceline.

Stormwater Integrated Resource Plan (SIRP)

The risk weightings and plan policies for Edmonton’s nationally-recognized flood protection plan were made based on the public’s values and priorities for flood protection, which were evaluated through an award-winning research program​.​

Dry pond developments in Edmonton

We engaged with the community throughout the various stages of development for dry ponds across the City of Edmonton.  Engagement ranged from communications to consultation, and focused on the role of dry ponds, community input on recreation amenity changes, conceptual designs, final site design selection, identifying and addressing construction impacts, and timelines. Typically, at any one time, six dry ponds are in development.

E.L. Smith Solar Farm Project

The design for a new 12 MW solar farm was improved based on community input over a three-year period, including changes to the site footprint, the addition of trail easements to improve public access, modifications to plans to naturalize former pasture land, and long-term protocols for Indigenous monitoring and access.

Extending natural gas supply to Kincardine, Ontario

We consulted with residents who had signed up for natural gas service to determine what hurdles were hindering them from getting their gas service energized in their homes. This work found gaps in the availability of the HVAC trades, and led to us providing more support to the HVAC community to help customers.

Paradise Valley, USA Water main replacement project

We worked with the community to develop a plan to reduce the impacts of water m​ain renewal work along a busy road that provides access to resorts with high seasonal traffic levels. To minimize the economic impact to customers, we adjusted the timing of the work to limit disruptions during the tourism season and supported crews who would now perform the work during a period of hotter temperatures.​

West Edmonton Transmission Upgrade Project

As we planned for this project that would maintain reliability and address growth in west Edmonton, we collected input from stakeholders to inform the selection of a route that would balance social, economic and environmental considerations. The regulator and stakeholders were supplied with information about the costs and benefits of underground and overhead line configurations.

​Valley Line West – LRT Utility Relocations

In addition to consultation, we work to communicate clear and useful information to customers who will be impacted by major utility work. With drainage, water and electricity utilities all relocating utility infrastructure to make way for Edmonton's Valley Line West LRT, we coordinated notifications to approximately 13,000 customers on the route so that stakeholders were given advance notice of the work, and a single point of contact for any questions or issues.