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Types of flooding in Edmonton

There are two types of flooding that may occur in Edmonton:

Flooding from heavy rainfall events within the city. This happens when there is a large amount of rain in a short period of time within the city boundary that overwhelms the sewer network resulting in surface ponding and potential sewer backups.

Flooding from melting snowpack in combination with heavy rainfall across the North Saskatchewan watershed. When this happens, the river rises and may overtop its banks and move onto properties located along the banks of the river.​

Managing ​flood impacts​

T​o manage flood impacts to residential and commercia​l customers in Edmonton, including the Rossdale neighbourhood, EPCOR has implemented:

Stormwater Integrated Resource Plan (SIRP)

Our Stormwater Integrated Resource Plan (SIRP) is a 20-year, $1.6-billion plan that includes five themes to SLOW, MOVE, SECURE, PREDICT and RESPOND to flooding in Edmonton neighbourhoods.

  • SIRP is a strategy to address flooding risks from health and safety, environmental, social and financial perspectives.

Free Flood Prevention Program​

As part of SIRP SECURE, EPCOR provides a free Flood Prevention Program​ available to residents in the City of Edmonton.

  • Our flood proofing advisors are available to help residents identify their individual property risks and options to mitigate those risks.
  • Included in this program is a backwater valve subsidy for homes that meet the eligibility requirements.​


SIRP SECURE also includes the installation of outfall gates in the Rossdale neighbourhood to reduce the risk of river water backing up through pipes when the river level is high. These will be installed in the coming years and will be reviewed with the community as the designs are developed.​


EPCOR will also be expanding on the SIRP SLOW theme to address urban flooding risk in the Rossdale neighbourhood in the coming years through the addition of green infrastructure and storage components, such as rain gardens and tree cells, to manage intense rainfall events and reduce risk to property.​

Emergency Operations Centre

In the event of a severe flood from the river overtopping its banks, the City of Edmonton and Alberta Environment and Parks would activate their Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). EPCOR water, drainage and power utilities are part of this EOC and work together to take action to protect citizens and critical infrastructure in Edmonton.​