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To be eligible to become an EPCOR contractor or supplier, the following are the minimum insurance requirements. Broader policy provisions and other coverages may be required depending on the scope of work and the site in question.


Automobile liability

$2 million per occurrence limits covering all owned, leased or hired licensed motor vehicles used in connection with the work performed.

Comprehensive general liability

$2 million per occurrence or claim limits including bodily injury and property damage, personal injury, non-owned automobile, contractual liability, cross liability / severability of interest, products and completed operations, contingent employer's liability, and where applicable sudden and accidental pollution provisions.

Professional liability

$2 million per claim for errors and omissions in connection with the work performed. This is required for contractors providing professional services, including engineering, surveying and environmental testing and management.

Workers' compensation coverage

As required by the Workers' Compensation Act of the province or similar applicable legislation, covering all persons employed by the contractor or its subcontractors or suppliers for work performed.