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EPCOR at Center Stage for Samsung Expansion Announcement

April 30, 2024

​​In 2021, Samsung sent shockwaves through Texas and the rest of the world when it announced that it was planning to build a $17 billion dollar semiconductor manufacturing plant in Taylor, Texas. This week, Samsung announced another massive investment of approximately $45 billion dollars in additional expansions to the fabrication facility in Central Texas after the company was notified it was receiving a $6.4 billion federal grant.

Throughout the planning, this massive investment would not be made possible without the guaranteed delivery of infrastructure to suit Samsung’s ambitious water sustainability goals—cue EPCOR. 

EPCOR CEO and President John Elford and EPCOR USA President and SVP of North American Commercial Services, Joe Gysel were invited to join U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, Samsung executives and dozens of business and elected state officials for the historic announcement.

“EPCOR’s direct involvement with this massive investment is a critical component to ensure the success of Samsung’s long-term plans to develop and deliver some of the world’s most advanced semiconductor chips,” said John Elford. “We are thrilled to be recognized as an instrumental part of this project and expansion and witness this monumental announcement.”

EPCOR had already zeroed in on Central Texas as a prime growth region years before Samsung expanded into Taylor and was well-situated to respond to the South Korean-based company when approached by local leaders on whether or not it could support a project of this magnitude.

“Our teams have worked diligently to put together highly advanced water delivery and reclamation facilities on time for Samsung’s operational targets,” said Joe Gysel. “The success we have found to date has been noticed throughout the local, state, federal and international business communities and is a testament to our commitment to serve our customers and clients. I look forward to our operations taking over and seeing the many years of success down the road.”​

The event was held at the Samsung construction site in Taylor on April 15, 2024. EPCOR is two years into construction on the Blue Sky Water Reclamation Facility and the Sandow Water Project, preparing for both to become operational as planned. 

View more information on the Samsung announcement.​

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