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As part of the Valley Line West LRT project, EPCOR is responsible for relocating all the power, water and drainage utilities  to avoid potential conflicts with the future Valley Line West LRT infrastructure. This is the second stage of the Valley Line, an urbanstyle 27km line that will operate between Mill Woods in southeast Edmonton and Lewis Farms in west Edmonton. EPCOR Valley Line West LRT projects began in 2019 and will continue through the end of 2022.

To meet the overall LRT project schedule, the City has requested that EPCOR perform the utility relocations within specific areas along the alignment prior to LRT construction.

The work includes the construction of a new drainage tunnel, replacing the existing tunnel which was constructed in the 1930's.The tunnel will improve reliability of the system and increase capacity. Water mains will be replaced, improving the standard and reducing the risk of water main breaks.

Project area

This project is broken down geographically into six zones which follow the alignment of the relocations from east to west for clarity. The relocations may occur in any of these geographic areas along the Valley Line LRT alignment from the start to the end of the project (2019-2022). The zone areas are outlined below:

  • Zone A - 101 Street to 109 Street & 105 Avenue to Jasper Avenue
  • Zone B - 104 Avenue from 109 Street to 121 Street
  • Zone C - Stony Plain Road from 121 Street to 129 Street
  • Zone D - Stony Plain Road from Groat Road to 138 Street
  • Zone E - Stony Plain Road from 142 Street to 156 Street
  • Zone F ā€“ 87 Avenue from 156 Street to 184 Street