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​Main shutoff valve vs. city shutoff valve

Sometimes, you may have to turn off the water coming into your house. For plumbing installations or repairs, or in the case of a flood or back-up, you'll want the water off. Two valves can do this: the main shutoff valve and the city shutoff valve. Most of the time, you'll just need to use the main shutoff valve.

Main shutoff valve

This is attached to the water line that goes into the water meter inside of your home. The main shutoff valve is usually in your basement. Turning off that valve will stop water from entering your home.

City shutoff valve

Also called a curb stop valve or a CC valve, it is found at the property line. It connects to the underground water main near the street and can be turned off by the utility company. If you need to repair or replace the main water shutoff valve, you'll need the curb stop valve turned off first.

How to find your water shutoff valve

The main water shutoff valve is located next to your water meter. Your water meter will be near the front or back of the house, and usually in a utility room in your basement. Check in crawl spaces near exterior walls or in your furnace room near your water heater.

There will be two valves near the meter. The water shutoff valve is the one located before the meter. It is attached to the pipe coming from the outside wall. You'll see a gate valve or ball valve to open or close the waterline.

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Who is responsible for main water shutoff valve?

Homeowners are responsible for the main water shutoff valve. You're responsible for fixing any plumbing issues with pipes, fixtures, and water lines within your home and property. That includes the pipe going from your home to the curb stop valve to the city water line. If the shutoff valve leaks, needs repairs or needs to be replaced, it's your job to get it fixed.

The water utility owns the water meter

The water meter itself is our responsibility. If it needs fixing or replacing, the water utility will take care of it. We are also responsible for the curb stop valve, also called the city shutoff valve and the water lines that lead to your property line.

Our crews will repair faulty main lines outside of your property line that may be the cause of flooding or damage. If you're losing water pressure and think the main line is the culprit, we can check for a few things. Soil slumping on the line, tree roots growing through it, leaks, or nearby construction activities can cause issues with your water line or water quality. Contact EPCOR, we're happy to troubleshoot the problem and send our maintenance team if needed. 

How to fix or replace the main water shutoff valve

Over time, mineral deposits and grit can clog the shutoff valve and cause leaks. It can also make it difficult to turn the valve on and off. It is your responsibility to fix it, and we suggest hiring a professional plumber. It requires skill, expertise, and specific tools to do it correctly. Because it's an essential part of your home's plumbing system, you want to make sure to do it right.

Before they get to work, call EPCOR to turn the water off at the curb stop valve. After the repair, contact us again, and we'll turn it back on for you.

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