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​What we're proposing to do from 2022 – 2026

EPCOR's rates reflect the cost to provide water, drainage and wastewater treatment services to Edmontonians.

Our goal is to ensure that new rates are fair and affordable while still addressing operational requirements and supporting investment that will allow us to continue to provide clean, safe water and reliable service. EPCOR constrained operating cost increases to less than 1% a year on average, and targeted capital programs using risk-based assessments.

The rates for the next three to five years are set out in an applications we submitted to the City of Edmonton (our rate regulator) in February 2021. As part of this work, we have engaged Edmontonians to get their feedback on acceptable rates and investment priorities that inform future projects and operations.

Customers told us that protecting quality, safety, and managing costs are important. Across all lines of business, protecting infrastructure matters. Our plan for Edmonton's water and drainage utilities is designed to address key priorities that Edmontonians told us are important.

What you said you wanted:

      Safe, great-tasting drinking water
      Reducing flood risk from storms
      Maintaining our infrastructure to avoid water main breaks
      Updating drainage infrastructure to prevent failures
      Fast response to customer issues
      Collaborative planning for wastewater treatment
      Environmental stewardship and water conservation
      Sewer corrosion and odour reduction
      Supporting Edmonton's growth
      Public and employee safety

Capital investment

Our capital plans include moderate investment in updating aging infrastructure to avoid more costly rehabilitation and customer-impacting issues in the future. Altogether, we're proposing $1.35 billion in capital investment to support reliability, city growth, flood mitigation, odour reduction, and other performance improvements.

This approach will have tangible benefits for Edmontonians:

Sustaining and improving the reliability of utility services, including replacing assets that have reached or are nearing end of life, reducing the risk of asset failures


Implementing citywide plans to protect Edmonton neighbourhoods from flooding and reduce odours from the drainage system


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Serving a growing customer base and development footprint


​Improving the performance and efficiency of the utilities, including the installation of technologies that improve environmental performance and reduce costs


​Responding to evolving regulatory requirements, and protecting worker health and safety


$926 million investment in Drainage and Wastewater utilities during 2022 – 2024


$429 million investment in Water utility from 2022 – 2026

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