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  What does this mean for Edmontonians

That means EPCOR will focus on the following benefits for all Edmontonians to see:

  Sustaining and improving the reliability of utility services, including replacing assets that have reached or are nearing end of life, leading to less water outages and less water main breaks.

  Implementing citywide plans to protect Edmonton neighbourhoods from flooding, and reduce odours from the drainage system.

  Expanding water system infrastructure to service a growing customer base and development footprint.

  Improving the performance and efficiency of the utilities, including the installation of technologies like Smart Meters that improve environmental performance.


Average bill changes: Residential customers

In 2021, the average water-cycle utility bill for a residential customer is about $102 per month, with an additional costs for fire protection paid separately, through property taxes.

To fund the utility investments and operating costs proposed by EPCOR, an average residential customer will pay about $110 per month in 2022 for water, drainage, and wastewater treatment utility services. The 2022 bill also includes about $2.59 per month to cover the cost of fire protection services transferred from the City, and a discount of about $5.21 per month from EPCOR's proposed $66 million Edmonton Economic Recovery Rebate.


Edmonton economic recovery rebate:
$66 million discount
for customers

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly disrupted economic and social life in our community, and around the world. At EPCOR, we believe that affordable and stable utility costs can be an important contributor to long-term economic recovery. Our PBR application proposes to discount utility costs by $66 million from 2022 to 2024, keeping more money in the pockets of Edmonton's utility customers.

The Edmonton Economic Recovery Rebate is built into the proposed Drainage utility rates. EPCOR is proposing to discount the return earned on equity invested in the Drainage utility by 4.45% in 2022, 3.34% in 2023, and 2.22% in 2024. This discount will reduce total utility costs by $28 million in 2022, $22 million in 2023, and $16 million in 2024.