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Performance Based Regulation (PBR)

We operate the water, wastewater and drainage system in Edmonton under Performance Based Regulation (PBR) which is reflected in the EPCOR Water Services Byla​w​ and E​PCOR Drainage Services and Wastewater Treatment Bylaw. We submit a projected plan for our water, wastewater and drainage systems to City Council as a way to set our future rates, and forecast the important work we must complete to ensure we continue delivering safe drinking water and reliable drainage and wastewater services at a fair rate to Edmontonians.

The PBR provides incentive to EPCOR to find efficiencies and reduce costs while maintaining established performance levels — ensuring accountability for delivering and maintaining reliable services in order to earn a fair return. This is similar to the model used by the Alberta Utilities Commission in regulating some natural gas and electric distribution utilities.

​Ensuring new rates are fair and affordable

The PBR process is about supporting growth, and keeping fair and affordable rates for customers, while ensuring that reliable operations and maintenance of critical infrastructure is well-managed. 

Our rates reflect the cost to provide water service to you based on your use of the water system. We work carefully to ensure new rates are fair and affordable while still addressing some operational requirements and supporting investment that will allow us to continue to provide clean, safe water and reliable service.

2021 marked the approval of EPCOR’s latest PBR rate applications.

On August 30, 2021, our Performance Based Rate Applications were approved by Edmonton City Council. This included:

  • A five-year application for water services (2022-2026)
  • A three-year application for drainage services and wastewater treatment (2022-2024), allowing for a staggered approach and disbursement of efforts to develop and review these documents across different time spans in the future.​

Public engagement was critical in determining priorities for the PBR. A broad variety of stakeholders gained understanding of the complex, technical topics and helped frame them into real-world impacts and benefits. Then, through online focus groups, opinion surveys, live polling and in-depth interviews, we gathered meaningful input from Edmontonians on acceptable rates and investment priorities.​

EPCOR is applying in May 2024 for a new approval for wastewater and stormwater rates. As part of that application, we are surveying Edmontonians for their input on rates and investment priorities.
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The rate changes as outlined in the 2021 Water, Wastewater and Drainage applications ​and as updated in the review process came into effect April 1, 2022.

The capital plans outlined in the PBR will invest $1.3 billion in Edmonton’s water cycle utilities, with benefits to: 

  • ​sustain and improve the reliability of utility services,
  • protect communities from flooding,
  • introduce technologies that improve environmental performance and reduce costs,
  • protect worker health and safety,
  • respond to evolving regulatory requirements,
  • and serve a growing base of customers.

The value of the water cycle

We swim in it, skate on it and use it for a wide variety of household needs. Water is essential to life. We work around the clock to ensure you have clean, safe water every time you turn on the tap.
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