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​Serving Edmonton and Surrounding Areas for nearly 45 Years

​About the E.L. Smith site

The E.L. Smith site is located along Edmonton's North Saskatchewan River, northeast of the Anthony Henday, and east of the Cameron Heights neighborhood.

Named after Eugene Lloyd Smith (Chief Chemical Engineer 1935-1960), the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant has been providing clean drinking water to Edmonton citizens since 1976. In 2008 major upgrades were completed to increase the reliability and capacity of Edmonton's long-term water supply at the plant. 

The E.L. Smith site includes the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant, a guardhouse and other facilities owned by EPCOR.


​E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant: An Award Winning Treatment Plant

In 1976, the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant was specifically designed to protect the environment while significantly increasing Edmonton Capital Region's supply of clean drinking water for the long term.

The design of the plant included an award-winning environmentally friendly disinfection system, and the construction of a specialized water intake system. The system diverts and returns fish safely downstream of the plant, and as a result, is preserving aquatic life in the North Saskatchewan River.

E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant operations

The E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant is one of Edmonton's two water treatment plants.  Water from the North Saskatchewan River is treated, tested and stored on-site in reservoirs until is needed. Clean drinking water is then pumped out through the transmission/distribution system to homes and businesses throughout the city.

See the water treatment process in action.

The water's source

Water treated at E.L. Smith comes from the North Saskatchewan River. The source of the river is the Saskatchewan Glacier in the Columbia Icefields.

The E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant has a capacity of 400 Megalitres per day.

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