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Sewer collection and transmission

Sewer collection and transmission—variable rate:

Size ​2022 rate
​All premises (except large wholesale)
$1.24930 per m3
​​Large wholesale with collection system:
​$0.69960 per m3

​Variable sanitary charges are based on metered water consumption. If no meter exists, sanitary charges are based on the provisions of the Drainage Bylaw 19627.

Sewer collection and transmission—fixed rate:

​Meter Size
​2022 rate
​20mm ​$19.18
​40mm ​$57.53
​50mm ​$78.84
​150mm ​$573.93
​200mm ​$915.70
​250mm ​$2272.48
​300mm ​$2272.48
​400mm ​$2486.63
​500 mm ​$2677.33​

Stormwater charges

Charges are calculated using property size (A), development intensity (I), and a runoff coefficient (R), based on land zoning and a city-wide monthly rate.

The charges are calculated as follows:

A x I x RRate = Stormwater utility charge

A: The area of the property in square metres (m2), and the proportion of the building lot area attributable to each unit for multiple units sharing a single building of property.

I: The measure of the portion of lot being used for its intended development. The development intensity factor of 1.0, except for properties where owners demonstrate that they contribute significantly less stormwater runoff per property area to the City's land drainage system during rainfalls than other similarly-zoned properties.

R: Runoff coefficient—the permeability of your lot's surface (i.e. grass versus concrete), based on land zoning.

    • The run-off coefficient for a single detached residential house is typically 0.50. However, depending on your property's land zoning classification, the run-off coefficient can range from 0.20 to 0.95.

Rate: The monthly charge of $0.056908 per square metres (m2).​

Special services

​Sewer obstruction investigation

Type of Fee 


Service call for sewer obstruction investigation


Removal of obstruction (sewer obstruction investigation required before removal; both fees will be applied)


​Second and subsequent sewer investigation appointments (within 30 days of initial service call)


Missed obstruction removal appointment fee


​​No-access fee ​ ​$200.00

Application Fees

Type of Fee 


Permit t​​​o release application fee (pe​r year of permit term)

​$189.58 (GST exempt)​

​Compliance approval application fee (per year of approval term)

​Subject to estimate based on cost of ser​vice

​Application for utility credit fee (per application)

​​$400.00 (GST exempt)​

Renewal application fee


Missed Flood Appointment Fee

Missed flood assessment appointment fee


​ ​​

Truck-hauled wastewater

Sewage delivered by truck to the Poundmaker Wastewater Transfer Station (less the first steering axle): $24.76/axle (GST exempt).

Wastewater having a settleable solids concentration greater than 100ml/l will be charged twice the rate of the above (for 2021: $49.52/axle, GST exempt).

Drainage services record search

The cost of this service is $142.06 plus GST per titled lot and is invoiced the month after the record search is issued.​​

This search covers records for information related to the following sections of past and present City Bylaws: Sewers Bylaw 9425, Sections 4 – 38; Sewers Use Bylaw 9675, Sections 4 – 37; Drainage Bylaw 16200, Sections 4 – 40 and 50 – 51; Drainage Bylaw 18093, Sections 15 – 20; EPCOR Drainage Services Bylaw 18100, Schedule 2; EPCOR Water Services and Wastewater Treatment Bylaw 17698, Schedule 1, Part IV, Wastewater Overstrength Surcharges and EPCOR Drainage Services & Wastewater Treatment Bylaw 19627 Schedule 1 & 2. These requests can be sent to and require the following information:

  • Municipal address and legal description;
  • Customer address and contact information;
  • Customer file or project number; and
  • Letter of authorization from the current property owner with clearly printed name and signature.​