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Natural causes

Natural phenomena such as wind, lightning, freezing rain, iced-up lines, wildlife and snow cause the majority of power failures. Tree branches coming into contact with power lines can also cause an outage.

​Technology failures

Although our equipment is rigorously maintained, problems with cables, connectors, transformers, switches, and many other types of equipment can fail, accidentally triggering an outage.

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Human error

Homeowners can accidentally cause a power outage while working with a ladder or antenna too close to power lines or hitting a buried line while digging. Traffic accidents can also affect the power supply if a piece of power equipment is hit and damaged.  

Scheduled interruptions

Occasionally, we intentionally interrupt service to conduct maintenance or repair work that can't be safely handled any other way. We always keep these scheduled interruptions to a minimum and attempt to schedule them for the least inconvenient times.

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