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​Replacing water meters

EPCOR is repla​cing older water meters that have reached end of life. Meters are replaced with Advanced Meter Reading (AMI) technology, allowing meters to be read remotely without the need to access your home or yard.  

Booking an appointment

When your meter is ready to be replaced, you will receive a call or letter from EPCOR to set up an appointment. The appointment takes about 30 minutes and your water will be off while our technicians work. Someone who is 18 years of age or older needs to be present during the appointment, and we ask that you provide our technicians 10 feet of space while they work. 

Customer Responsibilities

Provide clear, unobstructed access to the water meter. Remove anything (boxes, stored items, appliances, etc.) that might be blocking access. If the water pipe, meter and shut off valve are covered by drywall or paneling, you will need to create access for EPCOR. 

Ensure your water shut-off valve is in good working order, as EPCOR will need to turn off your water to change the meter. The shut-off is located where the water service comes into your property and is needed any time you want to shut the water off to your property​​. If your shut-off valve is leaking or unable to function properly, you will need to have it repaired or replaced. ​