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​​​About limiters

A limiter is used to restrict the flow of electricity. It allows a small amount of power to flow through the meter to maintain minimal service at a location, instead of completely shutting off the power.

With a limiter, you'll have enough power to run heat, a few lights and a major appliance such as a fridge. As long as you stay within the limit, your power will stay on. If you use power that exceeds the limit allowed, the limiter will shut off your electricity.

Resetting limiters

There are 4 types of limiters, so it's important to determine what type of limiter's been installed so you can know how to reset it.

Type of limiter How to reset​ Voltage supplied​
​Limiter 1
​Will automatically turn back on after 15 minutes

Within the City of Edmonton:
120 and 240 volt appliances
Note: Usage to a maximum of 420 watt hours in a 15 minute period.

Outside the City of Edmonton:
120 volt appliances

​Limiter 2
(reset button)
Press the button to reset the limiter 120 volts and 15 amps to all circuits in the home
​Limiter 3
(push/pull knob)
Pull down the knob and push up to activate 120 volts and 15 amps to all circuits in the home

​Limiter 4
(on/off switch)

Flip the toggle switch to the "on" position 120 volts and 15 amps to all circuits in the home


Consumption by household device

Device Approximate device rating (watts) Approximate consumption (watt-hours/minute)
 Lightbulb, LED or CF 13 0.2
 Freezer 30 0.5
 Fridge (500kWh/yr) 57 1
 Lightbulb, incandescent 60 1
 TV LCD (large) 75 1.3
 TV CRT 100 1.7
 Total lighting load 150 2.5
 Furnace (3/4 hp) 560 9.3
 Microwave 1200 20
 Electric space heater 1500 25
 Hairdryer 1500 25
 Stove element (high power) 1500 25
 Toaster (large) 1500 25
 Dishwasher 1800 30
 Oven 2400 40
 Clothes Dryer (large) 3000 50

Removing the limiter

To discuss removing a limiter, contact our Customer Service at 310-4300.