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Utility committee topics

EPCOR meets with the City of Edmonton's Utility Committee throughout the year on topics related to our business and rate regulation. 

The Utility Committee will receive information at its November 16, 2018 meeting on projects and initiatives at EPCOR's Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant (Gold Bar WWTP). These are:

The Sanitary Servicing Strategy Fund (SSSF), South Edmonton Sanitary Sewer (SESS)

The City will report on the governance of the SSSF Management Committee and the work done on long-term planning, including trunk linking. EPCOR will participate in the presentation.

Gold Bar WWTP recent projects

Including odour management, the Gold Bar lift station, structural rehabilitation of a diversion structure near 50th Street and the 2009 Land Swap Agreement.

Gold Bar WWTP future projects

Including the proposed Operations Centre, Integrated Resource Plan (which will be presented in 2019) and biogas ("green gas") opportunities.

EPCOR will present a report on the Gold Bar WWTP's ability to handle current and future increases in flow over the coming decades, including increases that will occur before the SSSF trunk line is complete.

By using advanced technology, EPCOR has improved its operational performance at Gold Bar through the years while limiting impact to the surrounding community. For example, EPCOR has spent $10 million in odour management and so far in 2018, 72% of spot samples show H2S levels at 0 ppb.

Additional information

Following, is further meeting information: