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Update on Floating Power Rates from Encor

April 10, 2019

​Valued Encor Customer,

When you became a customer of Encor by EPCOR, we made a commitment to deliver a carefree home or business energy plan. Last year we let you know that electricity rates in Alberta were higher than normal and that the trend was likely to continue. As part of our commitment, it's important to us to share more information that may affect your energy plans.

Electricity rates are still high

If you are currently on the floating electricity plan, which is a suitable choice when electricity prices are at stable and low levels as they have historically been. But, in more recent months, electricity rates have been higher than normal due to extreme cold and supply constraints related to low wind power generation, and this volatility may continue for months to come. This means higher electricity bills for anyone with a floating electricity rate.

Should you try a fixed energy plan?

To avoid these higher-than-average electricity bills, you might want to consider changing from a floating to a fixed plan. A fixed rate plan protects you from volatility and rising rates, providing predictability with your bills. You can lock in your rate for two or five years – whichever term works best for you.

Switching is easy, and there are no fees; your plan will switch to a fixed rate 15 days from the date you notify us of your request to switch. If you change your mind or market conditions shift, you can switch between plans whenever you like. No penalty.

Call our Edmonton-based energy experts at 310-4300 to learn more, or to switch to a fixed rate today.


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Switch now to a Fixed Plan with Encor and guarantee your power rate

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If you stay with the floating electricity plan, you will continue to be protected by a floating rate cap of 9.99 cents/kWh until your contract renewal date. When your plan is up for renewal, and if you choose to stay on a floating electricity plan, this capped rate will no longer be available, and you should keep a close eye on electricity rates.

Thank you for choosing Encor by EPCOR!


The Encor Team