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​​​​​​​Some of our services are provided at an extra cost. Please see the drop downs below for more information about these special rates and fees.

Meter installation or removal

​While the rates below apply to all of our customers, they most commonly apply to seasonal customers who request water and meter connections and disconnections.

Up to 25mm meter
40mm to 50mm meter $300
Over 50 mm meter
Actual cost
Seasonal meters Actual cost
Meter tests

​Want us to test your EPCOR meter? We'll make sure it's operating within prescribed standards.

Up to 25mm meter
40mm to 50mm meter $275
Over 50mm meter Actual cost
​Seasonal meterActual cost​
Damage repair charges

​We can repair or replace damaged water valves, meters, remote meter reading devices or other EPCOR equipment or appurtenances that are located on a customer's property.

Damage repair charge ​Actual cost plus $100​​​

Customer missed appointment charge

Applicable if you miss a scheduled appointment with an EPCOR representative.

Per missed appointment
EPCOR missed appointment credit

​Applicable if one of our representatives misses a scheduled appointment with you without giving reasonable notice.

Credit to customer per missed appointment
Access denied charge

​Applicable if you don't allow us access to read your meter for a six consecutive months.

Access denied charge $40.00 per month
Hydrant permit charge

​Applicable to all of our customers who obtain water service through fire hydrants.

Hydrant application fee, annual
$90​.00 per permit
Hydrant meter service charge
$5​0.00 per month
Consumption charge
$1.9341 per m3
Construction service charge

​Applicable if you obtain water at a site during the construction period, prior to the premises going into account for billing.

Construction service charge* $0.44/$1000 of construction cost

*Rates are payable in advance. No refunds.

​​Water service turn-off/turn-on charge

Applicable if you request a water service to be turned on or turned off (exclud​es turn-on related to non-payment on account).

During regular hours $130 ​per site visit
Required outside regular working hours $160 per site visit
Required within 48 hours of request $240 per site visit​
Water service turn-on after turn-off for non-payment charge

​Applicable if you require water service to be turned on after we've turned it off due to account non-payment. Account application fees will apply.

During regular hours $80 ​per site visit
Required outside regular working hours $100 per site visit
Required within 48 hours of request $120 per site visit
Fire protection service charges

​Applicable if you live within the City of Edmonton and receive standby water service to your private fire protection installation.

Fixed monthly service charges

Fire Line Service Size Monthly Charge
50 mm $1.41
100 mm $8.70
150 mm $25.27
200 mm $53.86
250 mm $96.86
300 mm $156.45​

Truckfill service charge

​These rates are applicable if you obtain water from a truckfill site within the City of Edmonton municipal boundaries.

Current rates

Account application fee $35.00
Consumption charge $4.00 per m3
Off-cycle meter read charge

Applicable if you require a meter reading on a date other than when it's normally scheduled to be read that month.

Per off-cycle meter read

Non-standard meter read

​Applicable if we must complete your monthly water meter read in person.

Per non-standard meter read
$49.03 per month
Non-standard meter installation

Applicable if you would like a new water meter when your current meter is not up for retirement.

Per meter replacement
Tampering charge

Please do not use, alter, change or repair any EPCOR assets, such as a water valve or hydrant. This charge is applicable if a customer damages or tampers with one of our assets.

Tampering charge

Actual cost to repair plus $250
Thawing frozen service charge

Applicable if we make a service call to thaw your frozen water service.

First visit No charge
Second visit $300 per hour
Service connection fees
Customer locate fee
Customer locate fee
$20.00 ​​​