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Our shared outcomes = shared goals

We established five shared outcome statements for the Edmonton water treatment plants and refined them in response to feedback from special interest groups, recreational users, residents, and Indigenous peoples. Another way to think of these shared outcomes is as a set of critical goals that will guide our work at the Rossdale and E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plants moving forward. Our proposed
shared outcomes are:

  Quality of life: The water treatment plants are operated, maintained and updated in a way that continues to produce high-quality drinking water, considers community experience, and respects our shared history today and into the future.

  Safety: Community, public and worker safety and health are protected.

  Relationship: Authentic, trusting and respectful long-term relationships are built with community members, area users and Indigenous peoples connected to the water treatment plants.

  Environment: Activities at the water treatment plants take a stewardship approach to environmental impacts, working to hold the quality of air, land, water, and ecosystems in trust for future generations.

  Reliable, responsible and sustainable: The water treatment plants are designed, maintained and operated in a prudent and responsible manner.

Learn more by watching our short video.

​​​ Design principles: How we will achieve our shared outcomes together

So, how will EPCOR achieve these shared outcomes? In order to define how we will achieve these goals, we've drafted a set of high-level design principles for each shared outcome statement. These proposed design principles are based on our conversations with community members over the past few months and our operational requirements.

When finalized, we will incorporate these design principles into our planning documents for our two water treatment plants. Together with the shared outcomes, they will provide a framework to guide the evolution of the Rossdale and E.L. Smith sites.

​Read more about the set of design principles for each shared outcome in our community newsletter


Learn more about our shared outcomes by watching these short videos on quality of life, safety, relationship, environment and reliable, responsible and sustainable.

Working with the community

Find out how we want to work together to plan for the future of our water treatment plants.
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