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​Working Together to Plan for our Future

We believe in the importance of working with the Edmonton community. Between 2020 and 2021, we have been talking to local and Indigenous community members about how we operate our two Edmonton water treatment plants (E.L. Smith and Rossdale). This page includes information about this work, and ways that you can get involved in future projects.



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​Improving our two water treatment plants

In Edmonton, we have two water treatment plants (E.L. Smith and Rossdale) that take raw water out of the North Saskatchewan River, treat it, and pump out clean, safe drinking water to Edmontonians and surrounding communities.

As we continue to operate the plants today and plan for the future, we want to ensure we consider our neighbors and the environment while continuing to deliver safe, reliable drinking water to Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Working with the community

Since November 2020, we've been working with stakeholders, Indigenous communities, special interest groups, and neighboring community members to understand how we can operate and upgrade the plants in an environmentally and socially responsible manner that aligns with community interests.

We engaged participants through a variety of formats, including online workshops, surveys, emails, and social media. During these conversations, we asked for feedback on five draft shared outcome statements. We also asked for feedback about what we should keep doing, stop doing, or improve on.

We compiled and assessed all your perspectives, suggestions, and comments. We then combined this information with our operational requirements to refine the shared outcome statements for the water treatment plants and create a set of proposed design principles to guide how we will achieve our shared outcomes.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the development of these shared outcomes and design principles. This was a collaborative effort and we appreciate your insight and input.


Our shared goals with the community

We established five shared outcome statements for the Edmonton water treatment plants. Shared outcomes and
design principles

How we engage with the community

We want to ensure we are engaging with you on topics that matter to you, using methods that work for you.Community engagement framework

We want to hear from you

We want to know what you think about our proposed outcomes and framework so we can understand how to align with your interests.
How you can engage

Our relationship with
Indigenous peoples

We recognize that both water treatment plants are located on land with unique Indigenous interests. We recognize that the ongoing success of our projects relies upon the success we have in establishing the appropriate, respectful relationships with Indigenous Nations and communities.
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E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant

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Rossdale Water Treatment Plant

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