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​Preventing river water from backing up into our Water Treatment Plants

Another part of our plan to protect our Water Treatment Plants during a major flood event includes preventing river water from backing up into the water treatment plant through drainage pipes that discharge to the river.

Our Water Treatment Plants have piping systems that collect rainwater and process water to be returned to the river. Today, those are open outfalls that could allow river water to flow in the opposite direction during a flood. If that were to happen, we would see surcharging from manholes that could allow water to reach sensitive equipment. We would also see untreated river water backing up into the treatment plant, contaminating the process with untreated water and the harmful microorganisms we are trying to remove.

We plan to install valves in the piping systems that we can close in the event of an elevated river level to prevent this from happening.
This work is currently planned to take place within existing buildings on the site and within our fence line.

The planning for this work is currently underway and we expect all to be completed in the fall of 2025.