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New project​​s

The following projects are in the p​​lanning or construction phases at the Gold Bar WWTP. 

Enhanced Primary Treatment (EPT) Scrubber 

We have redesigned the current EPT Scrubber and added additional scrubbers for better capacity and performance.​

Enhanced Primary Treatment (EPT) Scrubbe​r​​​

Vegetation Plan

We hired a third-party contractor to complete a Vegetation Plan for the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant to further enhance the appearance of the facility.

Vegetation Plan

Square 1 Biogas System

We are upgrading the Square 1 Biogas system, which includes safety systems and equipment to convey biogas​ for reuse in our boilers for heating. ​

square 1 biogas syste​m​​

Digester 4 Upgrades

We are rehabilitating and upgrading digester #4, used to treat the solids from the primary treatment process.​​

digester 4 upgrades

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