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What's happening at the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant

Since the EPCOR Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant opened in 1956 we've remained at the forefront of wastewater treatment through continued investment in new techn​​​ology. We're making ongoing investments to ensure our waste treatment plant is safe, reliable and able to meet the needs of the city and the Gold Bar community. EPCOR is committed to protecting Edmonton river valley parkland for future generations by using technology to safely handle incoming flows without expanding beyond the current footprint and fenceline through to at least 2060.

Our commitments to you

Thanks to community input, we've developed a new plan for the future of the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our plan protects the natural environment, preserves all of the adjacent parkland, and includes written commitments to the community. We created these commitments with our stakeholders and we've built them into our long-term plan. These commitments will guide Gold Bar wastewater operations and how we will design and build at the plant for decades.


We will stay within our current footprint.

We’re committed to preserving  river valley parkland and trails with an updated plan that keeps all parking and any future buildings inside the current fenceline on our current site.

Parking lot and
buildings on site


There will be no major increases to flow volumes from the SESS line.

Because we treat this wastewater already, the same wastewater would arrive through newer pipes.

Regional planning:
SESS line


We have an odour management plan for today and the future.

The Gold Bar WWTP will continue to reduce its impact on the environment and neighbours by further investing in odour control.

Odour action plan


We will reduce flaring and greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead of flaring a by-product called biogas, we’ll capture the biogas, then upgrade and transform it into renewable natural gas. This will reduce noise and provide a darker night sky.

Flaring and greenhouse
gas emissions


We're working with the community to define our plant operations.

With your help, we've developed shared goals and a long-term plan to guide how we will design, build and operate the plant for decades to come.

Working with the community


We have a robust plan for future system reliability.

Our long-term plan will summarize ongoing investments at our plant to ensure it's safe, reliable and meets our commitments to Edmonton and the Gold Bar community.

Long term plan

New projects

Learn about the new construction happening at Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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