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​Project timeline

Construction will begin in the summer of 2021. This project is broken down geographically into five zones which follow the alignment of the relocations from south to north. The work will be done in sections with the sequencing and timing of the work determined by the contractor. The work may occur in any of these geographic areas along the tunnel alignment from the start to the end of the project (2021-2025).

Causes of possible schedule delays

While we always do our best to plan construction and abide by construction timelines communicated to the public, unexpected events can potentially occur which may delay the schedule. Some of these factors are:

Ground Conditions and Boulders

Geotechnical investigations have been completed along the alignment and we anticipate that the ground conditions are favourable for tunneling. However, the MTBM will go through a sand layer which could slow down progress.

Delivery of the MTBM

The MTBM is being manufactured in China and being shipped through BC. If there are delays with shipping, the tunnelling portion of the project may be delayed.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather including severe cold, heavy rains, high winds and lighting make working unsafe. During these conditions, the site will be shut down.